You’ve always dreamt of riding classic sports cars, and the thought of how expensive such a classic car may cost makes you shrivel up … Well, here some good news for you: Ferraris are not just for millionaires anymore! At Supercar Junction, we offer a wide array of affordable Classic Ferraris: have you been longing to ride a Grand Ferrari Mondial or own a more modern supercar? Chances are, Supercar Junction has the perfect match just for you!

Through the years, the Ferrari Company has managed to make some of the best supercars in the world. However, most of the yesteryear poster cars are now the desirable classics and cost a fortune as some are very valuable. If you have had a dream of owning one of the Ferrari’s supercars, but you have always seen it as a dream, worry no more. Below is a list of 8 affordable classic Ferraris that you should consider.

1. Ferrari 400i

It is not easy to find a more affordable 12 cylinder Ferrari than the Ferrari 400i. This supercar comes with a 4.8 liter 12-cylinder engine. It is a desirable fuel injected and has a 5 speed transmission and hence very smooth to ride. Ferrari 400i was the final configuration of the 400i series. This four-seater supercar is ideal for a small family.

2. Dino 308 GT4

You can find this classic supercar at a price as low as $30,000. The Dino 308 GT4 comes with a powerful v6 and v8 engine hence you have a variety that you can choose from. Its engine is mounted behind the seats and it is ideal for a family of four as it is a four-seater.

3. Ferrari Mondial

The Grand Ferrari Mondial has a slightly higher roofline, increased weight and greater dimensions that enables you to accommodate occasional rare sittings for small adults or children. Grand Ferrari Mondial also has a chassis that is detachable with sub-frame that holds major mechanical assemblies. The detachable sub-frame includes one located at the rear that supports engine, transmission and rear suspension assembly. This removable chassis feature helps in simplifying the servicing of the engine.

4. Ferrari 308 GTS

Ferrari 308GTS Quattrovavole is a 1984 model and this version was for North America. It is a 2-door Targa body type and an RWD (rear-wheel drive). It has a five-speed gearbox, which is manual and hence the best for you if you don’t like the automatic ones.

Ferrari 308 GTS can reach a maximum speed of 245 km/h and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds.

5. Ferrari 355 F1 Spider

This is among the most stylish models that the company has ever created. It comes with a v8 engine that has a 5-valve cylinder head. The head engine design gives the car a better intake permeability and more power, which helps the vehicle in generating a maximum power output of 375 horsepower and hence suitable for different environments that you might want to visit.

Ferrari 355 F1 Spider allows a selection of two damper settings, which are comfort and sport. It has a metal steel monocoque with a carefully crafted tubular steel rear sub-frame. The sub-frame has a rear and front suspension that uses independent, dimensional wishbones and coil springs over gas-filled state-of-the-art telescopic shock absorbers. The shock absorbers have automatic servos and anti-roll bars that make this supercar perfect for off-road riders.

6. Ferrari 456 GT

Despite it being a 90’s model, this car still appears modern and your best choice if you want an affordable classic Ferrari. You have the Ferrari 456 and 456M (Type F116) that you can choose from. This model comes with a V-12 65 degree 5.5 liter displacement engine; if you love a machine with power, this is the car for you!

It comes with better cooling and aerodynamics with an interior that features Connolly leather. It is the last versions of Ferrari that featured the pop-out lights, making it a very sought after Ferrari.

7. Ferrari 250 GTSWB California

Few cars that carry the “GT” initials actually measure up, but the Ferrari 250 GTSWB wears it proudly. GTSWB California is one of the cars that define Ferrari, much like the Grand Ferrari Mondial. Ferrari 250 is a series of sports cars and grand tourers and can be used on a variety of tasks such as in sports racing or for road use and makes it ideal for a person who love racing or road trips.

8. Ferrari 360 Spider

This is a mid-engine, two-seater with a rear-wheel-drive sports car Ferrari. It comes with a powerful 3.6 l V8 engine, and it has a six transmission electrohydraulic manual gear transmission. It has an all-aluminum chassis that is 40% stiffer compared to other previous Ferrari models. It has carbon-ceramic brakes, track-tuned suspension, weight reduction, aerodynamic gains, and a revised gearbox software. Having a second hand Ferrari 360 spider is affordable as they are as cheap as $40,000.